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An exclusive pipeline of talent – custom-trained to your needs.

Diversify Your Team

Apex Informatics revolutionizes IT staffing by providing large organizations and government projects with a sustainable and scalable supply of skilled IT talent. We find and hire software, cloud, and data engineers and put them through immersive IT training that mirrors your tech stack. The result? You fill mission-critical positions and deploy job-ready IT specialists who are fully acquainted and knowledgeable with your stacks and frameworks – on day one.

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IT Advisory Services

Tailored IT thought leadership to drive your business forward. We are your go-to ...

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IT Dedicated Teams

Building an extended team with Apex Informatics is just like opening your own ...

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IT Relocation

Assemble a dedicated team of remote developers in India that organically matches your ...

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IT Staffing

Our clients benefit from the flexibility of a contingent workforce to supplement short-term ...

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IT Training

Maximize your Technology Investments with Training at Apex Informatics. Customizable training programs that drive ...

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Product Consulting

A healthy and efficient product development process is instrumental in bringing your product ...

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Industries Hiring

Apex Informatics enables partners to quickly ramp-up projects by onboarding skilled talent in bulk, thereby reducing vacancy rates and increasing revenue.


Professions Hiring

Apex Informatics ensures high quality through proprietary selection and immersive training in an agile environment with scrum masters, product owners.

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