Website Apex Informatics

Skills & Requirements:
We’re looking for someone with at least 4 years of experience in this field.

Strong Javascript
Strong React Native
Strong UI/UX
Cross platform (iOS, Android)
Experience with Expo (desired, but strength in JS and RN more important)
Test-driven development experience is a plus.
Key Qualities & Responsibilities:

Communicative. You work directly with informed product owners and play a primary role in project management.
Confident. You’re comfortable wading into the unknown.
Savvy. You are quick to understand new models and concepts.
Creative. You often spend more time designing an experience instead of writing code.
Mentoring and apprenticing. You are continually learning and sharing your knowledge with others.
Driven. You are intrinsically motivated to structure your own work in the way that you know you can do it best.
Entrepreneurial. You will “fail” your own experiments and then improve.
Versatile. You enjoy working on novel and rotating projects.
Professional. You relentlessly improve software craftsmanship and client relationships.
Work Environment

We believe that a diverse team of individuals is stronger than one with a homogenous world-view.
We’re 100% remote. Finding the best talent requires searching outside your zip code.
We give our team a huge amount of personal flexibility to manage demanding work.
We encourage extra-career-cular activities.
Each individual plays a significant role in shaping the company.

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